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7 Simple Rules For Life In Hiding (from Bob Dylan’s Advice for Geraldine on Her Miscellaneous Birthday) from I’m Not There.

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Black and white animal portraits by Lucas Holas

Benedict Cumberbatch for High Life (x)


A mirror on Mapplethorpe and Rodin

The Musée Rodin in collaboration with the Mapplethorpe Foundation, is set to display a dialogue of juxtaposed works by artistic masters Rodin and Mapplethorpe, bringing together 102 photographs and 52 sculptures. Their works, separated by time and continents are for the first time being brought together from April 8 to September 21 2014. Rediscover the dark shadows of the photographer known as the black angel, as his images come face to face with the sculptures of the 20th century Michael Angelo.


  1. Robert Mapplethorpe, Lucinda Childs / Auguste Rodin, Deux mains gauches
  2. Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Sherman (1983) / Auguste Rodin, Tête de la luxure (1907)
  3. Robert Mapplethorpe, Javier (1985) / Auguste Rodin, Buste de Hélène de Nostitz (1902)
  4. Robert Mapplethorpe, Bill T. Jones (1985) / Auguste Rodin, Génie funéraire (vers 1898)
  5. Robert Mapplethorpe, White Gauze (1984) / Auguste Rodin, Torse de l’âge d’airain drapé (vers 1895)
  6. Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith (1979) / Auguste Rodin, Les Bourgeois de Calais : Jean de Fiennes (vers 1885)
  7. Robert Mapplethorpe, Orchid (1985) / Auguste Rodin, Iris messagère des dieux (vers 1891-1893)
  8. Robert Mapplethorpe, Feet / Auguste Rodin, Pied gauche
  9. Robert Mapplethorpe, George Bradshaw (1980) / Auguste Rodin, Femmes damnées (avant 1890)
  10. Robert Mapplethorpe, Michael Reed (1987) / Auguste Rodin, L’homme qui marche (vers 1899)